As part of the 2018 edition of the BRIGHT BRUSSELS FESTIVAL in Belgium, 22 – 25 February 2018, WhiteVOID and TETRO+A presents STALACTITE for the first time, a monumental installation created by Christopher Bauder and Boris Divider. This installation was on show at the site of the future Pompidou Centre, a huge Citroën garage which is soon to become a premium cultural venue in Brussels. STALACTITE, Christopher Bauder’s new light installation, is a huge suspended sculpture that resembles a light network. Bauder has worked with musician Boris Divider, who has provided the complex forms and light motifs with an electronic score in a surrounding 4-channel audio setup, resulting in a fascinating immersive experience amid all the craziness of the 21st-century. Floating above spectators, Bauder’s monumental work invites us to free our minds and allow ourselves to be transported away to this meditative audio-visual world. The spectators gather beneath STALACTITE, and in so doing become part of the installation. Made up of 360 light rods, various layers of light generate pulses, creating complex shapes and schemes. The light animations are directly synchronised with the electronic score. The audio-visual journey that STALACTITE takes people on is sequential, minimalist and progressive, running on a continuous loop so they can enter or exit at any time.
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