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Electronic music producer, sound designer and visual composer from Madrid, Spain. Born in 1975, his work is focused into the sequential and minimalist progressive electronic audio and visual stuff as one of the main backgrounds and as an essential concept to understand Boris Divider’s career. More than a decade after developing electronic music for clubbing and dancefloor environments, and being one of the most important names around the electro scene of 2000-2010´s, his music was played around the world in several countries such as US, UK, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, ... performing live in events such as Sonar Festival (Bcn), ADE (Amsterdam) or clubs like Tresor (Berlin). During these years he also created some labels such as his own Drivecom records, Subnet or Tesla Electronics (in partnership with Ideograma and Arcanoid), Subnet… and now Artificial Domain, to explore different approachs with the music production. Around year 2013-14 things evolved to a new path where visual stuff became an important role in the creative workflow and where audio and reactive / generative video goes in the hand together in a constant synergy sharing the message from both fields. For this reason, a label called Artificial Domain was created in 2014, as a platform where releasing electronic and experimental music from his own and other artists connected with avant-garde sonic styles but also as a platform where creating and performing audiovisual works. This new trajectory leads him to play audiovisual performances at places such as La Casa Encendida or Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, consolidated MiRA Festival (Bcn), Mugako Festival, MADATAC09 or the new Centro Botin in Santander. Today the audiovisual communication stage becomes a reality and the artist performs several a/v live performances, some focused into active hearing/seeing and even some installations or Dome/planetarium performance. In the recent 2023, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Drivecom, also a new a/v live was designed to bring back all the early works with the amplified experience of having reactive/generative visuals on the stage.
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