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Spheral.cluster is an exclusive audiovisual installation for dome created and designed by Boris Divider with the collaboration of the LEV festival team and planned to be projected in a virtual dome environment via VR technology but also suitable for a real dome or planetarium event. Every visual pieces were being triggered in real-time combined with all the sound material, this let the artist to create a full improvisated and unique arrange for this exclusive installation, where all audiovisual layers are interlinked or mixed together. In fact, this installation is a selection of several pieces from the main av live “spheral.dome” exclusively arranged for this event. The artistical concept is fully linked to the musical composition generated with the own artist’s performance, between elements and tracks from the original soundtrack. The visual result is a experience of textures generated by basic shapes that become complex when the different elements are mixed due to the sound pattern architectures which lead to the audience to have the feeling to be inside a fully alive multimedia element.