Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Drivecom records, we thought it would be a great chance to bring back home one of the most iconic tracks from Boris Divider's discography: "Take My Beat". It was released in 2004 inside of the "Guilty Compilation II" on Barcelona based imprint Dona-li Records and well supported by the electro community. The electro documentary film "Darkbeat" included it for the intro and promotional video teasers so it helped quickly to became an instant hit in the electro scene. Now you can enjoy "Take My Beat" again as the original version (with exactly the same audio mastering) and a new reworked version (Gravitational Version) which is actually performed on stage by B. Divider in the last "People Love Machines" A/V Live for the 20 years of Drivecom. As a final bonus for the label fans, you'll find two tracks with the crunchy vocoder alone and the iconic synth lines from the track. You can purchase this release at drivecom bandcamp.
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