From the depths of one of my hard disks founded at the studio I recovered a project with files created around 2014-2015. All these tracks were composed around the optical science theme and compiled under the optx (optics) name folder. Musically speaking you'll find a mix between electronica and experimental electro without the usual beats but keeping the vibe combined also with an advanced treatment of synthesis, including granular and timestretching massive programming methods and speech synthesis on voices. Sometimes the minimal sound approach reminds a THX1138 atmosphere surrounded by digital sounds and bleeps, textures of noise and drones which create several places as if they were recorded in a clean and dry lab facility. This edition is released on CD and digital download only (Flac or uncompressed formats recommended) to enjoy all the audio spectrum, from ultra low ends to ultra high pitch frequencies which couldn't be possible on vinyl format. Copies are available at our bandcamp site here. Written & Produced by Boris Divider. LIMITED EDITION Glass mastered CD 200 COPIES
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