The last febraury 2014 the album “Deflector - Atractor” premier was presented at LCE (La Casa Encendida) in Madrid. Supported by Drivecom, Fundamental Records and Rotor. This was a good chance to unleash the audiovisual potential again. This time visual design was closer to an experimental video stuff including digital noise, error patterns, visual glitch and also including some previous video stuff from tracks like “Deflector” or “Mikrowelt” triggered in real-time. Also unreleased tracks were played as an exclusive performance for the audience, and all the gear was performing quite well, no errors, latency or any kind of drops. The auditorium was full packed and offered a good ambience for the people who joined the event but it had no good screen/projector and specialized audio pa for live acts, anyway everything was well executed even with those handicaps. Thanks for the recording cameras to LCE staff and Raw Chicken studio. All video stuff and music is original and was created by B. Divider in 2014.
Below you have a short shooting before the performance executed at LCE.
And next videos are a footage recovered from the cameras who filmed the show.
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